The Asia Judo Open 2023 concluded on November 26th, showcasing the incredible talent and skill of 131 judo athletes from 24 countries and regions worldwide. Held at the Hong Kong Ma On Shan Sports Centre, the championship mesmerised spectators with its fierce matches and impressive displays of athleticism.

Over two action-packed days, participants from all five continents gathered to compete for glory and make their mark in the world of judo. The IJF event, organised under the auspices of the Judo Union of Asia, featured both men’s and women’s categories, attracting a diverse range of athletes from seasoned veterans to promising up-and-comers.

The gold medalists in their respective weight categories were as follows:

-48kg: WONG, Ka Lee (HKG)
-52kg: KIM, Jiyeon (KOR)
-57kg: YEUNG, Nok Lam (HKG)
-63kg: COUGHLAN, Maeve (AUS)
-70kg: PARK, Seeun (KOR)
-78kg: KIM, Minju (KOR)
+78kg: PARK, Saetbyeol (KOR)

-60 kg: ENKHTAIVAN, Sumiyabazar (MGL)
-66kg: KIM, Dongheon (KOR)
-73kg: BAE, Donghyun (KOR)
-81kg: GERBEKOV, Askerbii (BRN)
-90kg: KIM, Moonsoo (KOR)
-100kg: KIM, Seheon (KOR)
+100kg: SONG, Woohyeok (KOR)

Beyond the spirit of competition, the Asia Judo Open 2023 fostered camaraderie and friendship among nations. Athletes shared techniques, exchanged experiences, and formed lasting bonds, strengthening the global judo community.

The successful completion of the Asia Judo Open 2023 marks a significant milestone for the sport, highlighting its global appeal and the dedication of its athletes. The championship provided a platform for talent from around the world to shine, further solidifying the close-knit bonds of the judo family.

As the athletes bid farewell to Hong Kong, they carry with them cherished memories of fierce competition, personal achievements, and the friendships forged on the tatami. The Asia Judo Open 2023 will be remembered as a remarkable event that showcased the true essence of judo – strength, skill, and the unbreakable spirit of the judoka.