Asian Cadets & Junior Championships 2024


August 29, 2024 - September 1, 2024    
All Day


Mungyeong, Republic of Korea
Mungyeong, Mungyeong

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Message from the JUA President Mr. Obaid AL-ANZI

Dear Judo Friends,

In the name of the Judo Union of Asia, I would like to extends my warm greetings and good wishes to all the participants of this 2024 Asia Cadet & Junior Judo Championship which will be held in Mungyeong City of the Republic of Korea on 29 Aug. to 1 Sep, 2024. I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Local Organizing Committee and especially to the Government of Mungyeong City and the President of Korea Judo Federation Mr. CHO Yong-Chul for his ardent desire to organize this event.

Welcome to Mungyeong which is a famous sports city in the Republic of Korea brimming with history and progress.

I also like to thank each participant in this Cadet and Junior Championships and express my sincere thanks for their participation and dedication with the aim to bring up the sport of Judo in the world forum and its benefits to the public at large our whole desire to enter spirit of friendship, discipline and the respect which I trust will be in the years ahead of us and to all our Judokas to perform their best and maximum qualification for the upcoming regional and world events.

I wish all delegations a safe journey and success and I thank all coaches, volunteers and organisers for their ongoing hard work and positivity.

Yours sincerely,

President, Judo Union of Asia