The JUA has announced updates to its Regulations for Referees, effective from December 8, 2023. The revised regulations aim to enhance the standardisation and professionalism of refereeing in JUA events.

The updated regulations cover various aspects related to referee participation in JUA official events, including the Asian Judo Championships, Asian Games, Asian Cadet & Junior Judo Championships, Asian Open, and Asian Cup. They outline the requirements for referee registration, ranking, examination, and training sessions.

One significant change is the introduction of the JUA Referee Ranking, which will be generated based on points accumulated by referees in different tournaments. The ranking will serve as a measure of performance and determine the referee’s standing within the JUA.

Additionally, the regulations provide detailed criteria for the Continental Referee Examination and the International Referee Examination, including age requirements, referee licenses, active refereeing experience, and language proficiency.

National Federations are entrusted with the responsibility of inscribing referees in the JUDOBASE system for the respective events. Failure to register in JUDOBASE may result in the referee being ineligible to participate in JUA or International Judo Federation (IJF) official events.

The JUA urges all stakeholders, including referees, National Federations, and host countries, to familiarise themselves with the updated regulations to ensure compliance and uphold the integrity of judo officiating.

Please click here for further information and to access the complete JUA Regulations for Referees.