Written by Jo Crowley on 26 Aug 2023
Photographs by Emanuele Di Feliciantonio, Tamara Kulumbegashvili


Judo is a physical sport, but also a sport which connects us fully with our emotions. Each feeling has an intensity that is difficult to replicate away from the tatami and that is why having the conditions to be able to capture the exact moment of realisation for a young athlete, is so special.

Saez Hevia (ESP)

Looking back at some of the happiest moments of the 2023 World Cadet Championships so far, we can truly appreciate the skill and engagement of the specialist photographers who are always with us. We can share and reshare the joy that judo is bringing to our future elite.

Crociani (ITA)

This feeling is addictive, inspiring, motivating. It’s what all judoka are working for, even more than the medals.

Togtbaatar (MGL)

Competitive judo is hard, this is accepted by all. It is very hard, but the reward is to be able to feel like this, to have the chance to succeed against all the barriers and knock-backs.

Szulik (POL)

Judo gives our cadets the chance to prove to themselves that hard work is key, that they are capable and that they can develop into the next stage with confidence.

Diaz Hernandez (ESP)

This is the joy of Judo!

Tavoletta (ITA)