clean Judo 

Clean Judo

Judo is more than just a revered Olympic sport – it is a way of life, an acknowledged educational tool, and a conduit for upholding a moral code and ethical values that have endured the test of time. As the governing body for Judo in Asia, the Judo Union of Asia is steadfastly committed to preserving these timeless tenets at the heart of the discipline.

Respect, integrity, self-mastery, camaraderie, courtesy, honor, courage, and humility – these eight core values form the very foundation of the Judo ethos. From the moment a judoka steps onto the mat, these principles are instilled and become an integral part of their journey. The Judo Union of Asia recognizes that this code of ethics is the guiding light that sets the sport apart, and it will not tolerate any actions that undermine its spirit.

A clean and fair competitive environment is essential not only for the sport itself but also for the positive influence it can have on society, especially the young generations seeking direction. The Judo Union of Asia stands resolute in its determination to eradicate any form of cheating, doping, competition manipulation, or match fixing. Those who disregard the revered values of Judo will face immediate and firm sanctions, for the Union regards the sport as a bastion against unethical conduct.

By upholding the timeless principles of the Gentle Art, the Judo Union of Asia ensures that Judo remains a beacon of integrity, a catalyst for personal growth, and a shining example of the transformative power of martial arts traditions. The Union is committed to safeguarding the enduring legacy of Judo, both as a sport and as a way of life.

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