The highly anticipated 19th Hangzhou Asian Games commenced on the evening of September 23 with a spectacular opening ceremony, captivating the audience. Athletes from all 45 member countries of the Olympic Council of Asia have gathered to participate in this prestigious sporting event, with over 12,000 competitors ready to showcase their skills and determination.

The Hangzhou Asian Games showcases an impressive infrastructure, including 56 competition venues, 31 dedicated training facilities, one Asian Games Village, and five Asian Games sub-villages. With a lineup of 40 major sports events, the games promise intense competition and will culminate in the presentation of 481 gold medals to the victorious athletes.

The judo competition, one of the highlights of the Asian Games, commenced on September 24 at the Linpu Sports Arena in Xiaoshan. A total of 33 countries and regions have sent their delegations to participate, featuring an exceptional level of athletes, many of whom hold high rankings in the international scene.

Under the guidance of the Technical Delegate and JUA Head Sports Director, Dr. Che Kuong Hon, the International Technical Officials have worked tirelessly to ensure that the competition venue at the Linpu Sports Arena reaches a world-class standard, rivaling that of the Olympic Games. Their efforts have paid off, providing athletes with a top-tier facility to demonstrate their skills and compete at the highest level.

The Hangzhou Asian Games has set the stage for unforgettable moments of sporting excellence, fostering international camaraderie and celebrating the spirit of competition. As the games continue, athletes from diverse backgrounds will strive for victory, inspiring audiences around the world with their remarkable performances.