As of November 26, 2023


The JUA Ranking List will consist of points for all JUA and IJF events.

JUA and IJF events:

  • Special tournaments
  • Asian Continental Cups (Cadets, Juniors and Seniors)
  • Asian Continental Open
  • Grand Prix
  • Grand Slam
  • Masters
  • Asian Continental Championships (Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Veteran)
  • World Championships (Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Veteran)

Events for an entire calendar year are eligible.

Points for each individual event:

Evaluation points are assigned for each referee for each event.

Points are from 0.0 to 10.0, by 0.1 steps.

The Rating score is the average value considering all the evaluation points of the year.

The average values are rounded to the nearest tenth.

The points are valid for one calendar year, and are resetted for each year on the 1st January.


The ranking is based on the Rating scores, the higher rating the better ranking.

Additional Rule:

In case of equality of rating value, the higher ranking will be decided by, the highest number of participated events.