The Judo Union of Asia (JUA) is thrilled to announce the official release of the JUA Event Organisation Rules and the JUA Event Organisation Guide 2024 Edition. These comprehensive resources are now available for download on the JUA website, providing valuable guidance and information for event organizers, athletes, coaches, and judo enthusiasts across Asia.

The JUA Event Organisation Rules outline the guidelines and regulations that govern the planning and execution of judo events within the Asian region. These rules cover various aspects, including the general host obligations, event organization, competitions, venues, intellectual property and branding, media and communications, sports equipment, biding qualifications and requirments etc. By adhering to these standardized rules, event organizers can ensure a fair and competitive environment for all participants.

Accompanying the event organization rules is the JUA Event Organisation Guide 2024 edition, which serves as a detailed handbook for event organizers. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, practical tips, and best practices to assist in the successful planning and execution of judo events at different levels, ranging from Asian championships to Asian Opens and Asian Cups. It covers essential topics such as pre event preparations, competition venue, technology, VIP and protocol, medical and doping control, media, congress and other events.

These newly released resources reflect the JUA’s commitment to promoting the growth and development of judo throughout Asia. By providing clear guidelines and comprehensive information, the JUA aims to enhance the quality of judo events, ensuring a consistent and standardized experience for athletes and spectators alike.

The JUA invites all interested parties, including national judo federations, event organizers, coaches, and athletes, to download the JUA Event Organisation Rules and Guide 2024 edition. These resources will be instrumental in planning and executing successful judo events, fostering the spirit of judo, and nurturing the next generation of judo champions in Asia.